My story

Jess wearing a cosy scarf and holding a cup of coffee.

I’m Jess and I founded Herbal Hedgerow based on my passion for herbal tea. When I learned I could no longer drink caffeine, I found that consistently tasty, caffeine-free tea was not as easy to find as I’d hoped, so it became my vision to supply tea that tastes amazing and anyone can enjoy.

With my experience in horticulture, passion for herbalism and with help from my friends and family I created ‘Herbal Hedgerow’ to make this vision a reality.

My vision is to supply simple and tasty tea, that can be enjoyed by all

My values

Committed to taste

I am committed to using high quality ingredients to get the best flavour. More often than we’d like, good tea can be a matter of pot luck. Where possible I use home-grown and organic ingredients, and let the ingredients sing by carefully blending great tasting tea that anyone can rely on.

Down to Earth

I value being open and honest with my customers, using simple language that lets the tea do the talking. Simple, fun and unique, just like my tea!


From the outset I try to be as sustainable as possible, using recyclable packaging, sustainable sources and green energy.