Dozy Days


Blended with soothing chamomile, floral linden blossom and light citrusy lemongrass, a brew ideal for those days where you just want to unwind.

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Chamomile*, linden blossom, lemongrass

Allergens in bold
*Allergen for Asteraceae (daisy) family

  • This blend is inspired by those days where you just need a moment of calm through the chaos! whether it’s during the day or to have in the evening to settle in for a good night’s sleep.

    Using the classic relaxant herbs chamomile and lime blossom, with added lemongrass which is traditionally used as a mild sedative and compliments the chamomile by adding citrusy notes to the blend.

  • Traditional medicine

    As well as lavender, chamomile is one of the most commonly known herbs used in relaxation products, from creams, shampoos to tea! There are many different types of chamomile, the Asteraceae (daisy) family which includes chamomile, has over 25,000 species and only two types are used for medicinal purposes, these are usually german or roman chamomile. Having anti-inflammatory, relaxant, carminative and anti-fungal properties it’s certainly a herb to have on hand, if added to a bath it helps in soothing irritated skin as it has a lovely cooling effect due to it being an anti-inflammatory, as well as helping reduce motion sickness and settle an upset stomach.

    Linden blossom or lime blossom can’t be missed in the summer! With a lovely honey sweet scent, another flower famed for its relaxing effects, the most common preparation for the blossom is a tea but it’s also been used in flavouring cakes and confectionary. Much like chamomile it has anti-inflammatory properties along with being anti-spasmodic, also used in topical treatments for various skin problems as it is a natural astringent.

  • Folklore

    Chamomile was revered as a herb that attracts and repels, depending on the circumstance! It was said that gamblers used it as a hand wash to clinch victory and attract money, also, preparing a chamomile bath was said to attract true love. Planting the herb near doors and windows was said to avert negative energy from entering your home, and carrying a small amount of it would ward of magical attacks!

    Not necessarily folklore but one of my favourite mentions of chamomile tea is in Beatrix potter’s tale of Peter Rabbit, where peter rabbits mum prepared him a soothing cup of chamomile tea before bed, after a narrow escape from Mr. McGregor’s garden and from eating too much lettuce!

    In many different european cultures the linden tree was known as a symbol of protection, truth and justice. In Slavic countries they believed the tree was holy so it wouldn’t be struck during a thunderstorm, therefore protection was taken underneath the tree, and if anyone was to fall ill in the home, branches of the tree were brought in for healing, which isn’t too farfetched as the young leaves can be used as a poultice due to its healing mucilage content. In German folklore the tree was linked to the goddess Freyja, who symbolised truth and love, as a result of this all legal congregations were held under the tree as it was believed that you couldn’t lie whilst stood under a linden tree.